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Ayana’s record-breaking splits

M Hanratty
12 Aug 2016

Almaz Ayana on her way to the 10,000m world record. Photo: Getty.

We’re off with a bang. Just as she did in the world championships against the younger Dibaba, Ayana left the field for dead. Only this time she smashed a 23-year-old record and set the track alight in the opening track session of the Games.

Before today only four women had run under 30 minutes for 10,000m. Today four women did it in a single race. Fourth placer Nawowuna has done it without even a medal to show for it. The rest of the race results are full of treats: personal bests, national and area records.

Here’s a breakdown of splits per 100m for the medalists. When Ayana was gone, she was gone.

Women 10,000m medalists’ splits

Seconds, per 100m


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